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Founded in 1980, our eye care team includes Dr. Brian LaGreca, Dr. Byron Smith, Dr. Larry Erpenbach, Dr. Oswald Rondon and independent Retina specialists, Dr. Miller and Dr Goff. We offer everything from the basic eye exam to medical eye exams relating to diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, corneal, refractive, and several other conditions. Our team performs procedures such as Cataract removal, Cornea Transplant, Eye Lid correction, Eye Muscle, Yag Lasers, Corneal Transplants and LASIK correction.

We are committed to a team approach to medicine; we are dedicated to administering a healthcare system of the highest quality that still allows for our patients’ busy schedules. To this end, we proudly offer co-management of care with your personal family doctor or optometrist. By allowing our patients to choose whether they continue their post-operative care with The Eye Clinic Surgicenter or with their own doctor, we give patients a variety of options to fit a variety of needs. The Co-management process adds a level of convenience, especially for our patients who live outside the Billings area.

Co-management helps The Eye Clinic Surgicenter by involving a doctor who is already familiar with your medical needs, and helps your doctor by giving him/her our support and expertise. Because our local area doctors are so important to providing patients with the best healthcare possible, we at The Eye Clinic Surgicenter work hard to maintain excellent professional relationships with your referring doctor. Ask your doctor or optometrist to be referred to The Eye Clinic Surgicenter for your procedure.

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