Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Need New Contact Lenses?

For most of us choosing a new pair of contact lenses means we don't have to struggle through choosing a new pair of frames - yet we don't always consider what lenses to put in them. Just like choosing a car, there are many types of lenses which offer different levels of performance; from the latest technological developments with tailor-made options for the best possible vision, to great value ranges suitable for all budgets - available in both single vision and multifocal. At The Eye Clinic Surgicenter, we pride ourselves on recommending the best contacts available so you get the best choice to suit your needs. [su_spacer]

The Eye Clinic has the Contact Lenses You Need

eye clinic, contact lenses Whether you're ready for your first pair of contact lenses, or need to be fitted for a brand new pair, we can help you find the best solution for your active lifestyle. Each of our three locations feature a beautiful Eyewear Shop that is always stocked with the most seasonal options including eyewear for skiing, hunting and just for lounging around the house. Stop by one and see what we can do for your vision. We're available to fit your needs in Billings and Red Lodge, MT.
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Educational Videos about Contact Lenses:

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