Susan Miller’s Patient Testimony

Susan Miller’s Patient Testimony

By EyeClinicAdmin August 11, 2015

Our clients are always our #1 concern; it is our goal to ensure that they are cared for throughout the entire process. We put a lot of love and effort into ensuring that our patients are happy and comfortable with the procedures they have chosen to have us perform. We could go on for days about how hard we work to make our clients happy, but why not let one of them speak for us? Susan Miller recently came to us to have her cataract surgery done. She was so excited and pleased with the outcome that she was willing to share her experience with all of us. The following is what Susan had to say about her experience.


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My name is Susan Miller. I have worked at the Eye Clinic Surgicenter for the last ten years. I have been responsible for giving post-operative instructions to patients following their cataract surgery.

First you need to know that I have worn glasses for distance since age 11. Then at the age of 33 I was placed in my first progressive lens for reading and distance. I have quite the eyeglass collection since the necessity for glasses has always been a part of my life. I would say that over the last thirty years, I have spent thousands of dollars on new frames and prescription lenses.

This year at my annual appointment Dr. Lagreca informed me that it was time for my cataract surgery. He asked what type of lens I would be interested in. I let him know that I have been wearing glasses my entire life and just the standard lens would be fine. Dr. Lagreca asked me to talk to a few of his technicians about my lens choices before making a final decision. I was very nervous about the surgery, even though I have seen thousands of patients in the post op room after their cataract surgery. They too were apprehensive at first, but so excited with their new vision that they were anxious for their second eye to be done. I also talked to the technicians and they reassured me that the procedure was easy and recommended that I go with the specialty lens for distance and reading. The idea that I could be glasses free seemed impossible.

After considering all the choices I decided to go with the specialty lens. I then set up my surgeries. A special thanks to everyone from the front desk, the billing department who helped me with care credit, the technician who did my screening on my surgery date and calmed my nerves, and Dr. Lagrecra and his nursing staff who made me feel so comfortable. What I experienced was a team that worked together to make this experience the very best for me.

Shortly after the surgery on my first eye, I was able to read my watch for the first without glasses. My eye improved over the course of the next week, and just like the patients I have seen in our clinic I was very excited to get my second eye done.

It has now been one month since my eye surgery and my vision is at 20/20 in distance and reading. I am so thankful to the entire staff and appreciate everything they have done for me.

The most exciting news is that for the first time in my life I was able to buy a pair of sunglasses and not worry about having to put prescription lenses in them. And my eyeliner is now where it is supposed to be!

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