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iStent™ is a safe glaucoma treatment that has been approved by the FDA for mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma. Designed to create a permanent opening in your eye’s drainage system to improve the outflow of fluid from your eyes, iStent™ works by increasing fluid outflow and lowering pressure within the eye.


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Trabeculectomy is performed to reduce the amount of fluid pressure on the optic nerve, thereby slowing or preventing vision loss from glaucoma.

During trabeculectomy, your doctor creates a small hole in the white of the eye (sclera) to create a new drainage flap for aqueous humour fluid to drain through at a desired rate. Sutures are used to allow the flap to open. This flap acts like a trap door so fluid can enter into a small reservoir and drain out slowly.

Most patients will not be able to feel the drainage flap and no one will be able to see the flap because it will be hidden by the eyelid. There may be temporary swelling, redness of the eye and blurry vision after the procedure as the eye heals. During the healing period, we will ask that you wear an eye shield at night to protect your eye as you sleep, avoid strenuous activities, stop wearing contact lenses and take eye drops as prescribed by your doctor. Your eye may feel completely normal after 2-3 months of healing.

Also called filtration surgery, trabeculectomy typically has a very high success rate. In fact, some estimate that 90% of procedures are successful with the majority of patients not needing medication to control glaucoma.

To learn more about trabeculectomy as a glaucoma treatment in Billings, contact us to schedule an eye exam. 


Canaloplasty can reduce pressure in the eye (IOP) by nearly 40%, and many glaucoma patients who have had Canaloplasty no longer need medications. This “minimally invasive” procedure is available alone or can be done with cataract extraction (phacocanaloplasty).



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