5 Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon Prior to Surgery?

5 Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon Prior to Surgery?

By FTM Webteam June 25, 2023

Some of the most common questions to ask your LASIK surgeon include “are you board-certified?” “how many LASIK surgeries have your performed, including in the last 12 months?” “do you have a list of patient testimonials?” “do you offer payment plans or financing options?” and “will my vision be 20/20 without the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses after surgery?” While these are necessary questions to ask your eye care provider before surgery, these are likely to be standard questions you would expect to see on a quick online search or even addressed during a consultation with a LASIK surgeon. But what are some less commonly asked questions that are still acutely important to ask your LASIK surgeon prior to surgery?

Five questions to ask your LASIK surgeon prior to surgery should include some what-ifs and whys. Some questions you may not have considered asking your LASIK surgeon include the following: “What percentage of LASIK surgeries have complications 6 months post-surgery and what do those symptoms include?” “If a revision or secondary surgery is needed, is that covered under the cost of the first surgery, like a guarantee?” “What should I expect my vision to look like in the weeks after surgery?” “In addition to my medical history and degree of refractive error, does my occupation, hobbies and leisure activities have any bearing on my candidacy for LASIK?” and lastly, “If using an excimer laser, what type is used and why-broad beam, variable spot, or flying spot?” The first 2 questions address what happens if you fall in the camp of an unsuccessful or at least complicated LASIK surgery. Although LASIK surgery is considered safe and boasts upwards of a 96% patient satisfaction ranking, it is a good idea to ask your LASIK surgeon what the options would be should such an issue arise and how they have handled this with other patients. It is also fair to know if any unanticipated costs are typical. As an aside, most LASIK surgeons include revisions with the initial cost up to 1 year post LASIK surgery. Having realistic expectations is important so that you will not be surprised by any blurriness or distorted vision as you recover. Making sure you have open communication with your surgeon is important so that the appropriate refractive surgery can be recommended and applied to you. Having knowledge about FDA-approved equipment and technology and understanding why a surgeon uses certain equipment or technique is important in evaluating their care and treatment of your vision. 

The most trusted LASIK surgeons make their patients a priority. Your vision will be altered permanently by the hands of your LASIK surgeon, make sure you take your time and feel confident with a professional who will give you the time, respect and consideration of all your questions. These handful of provided questions above are just a handful of conversation starters to help you feel at ease before your LASIK surgery. For more information, call 406-252-6608 or email WEBSITE The Eye Clinic Surgicenter.


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