Benefits of LASIK

Benefits of LASIK

By FTM Webteam February 4, 2022

Improved, if not perfect, vision without the assistance of glasses or contacts is the main benefit of LASIK. In under 30 minutes, LASIK can provide patients with corrected vision already apparent before leaving the doctor’s office. Immediate results provided virtually pain free is a great benefit of LASIK. Saying goodbye to eyeglasses and contact lenses is easily the next benefit to LASIK eye surgery. Maintenance and cost of updating new, lost or damaged glasses or contact lenses, as well as contact solution, will be a thing of the past.  The risk of accidentally breaking your glasses and scrambling to buy a replacement pair or waiting for them to ship on backorder will no longer be a concern. If you still require prescription glasses or contact lenses, they will last significantly longer as your wear time will be reduced due to LASIK. 

There are unexpected benefits of LASIK too. You may find aspects of your lifestyle easier to manage with the benefits of LASIK. Waking up, going to sleep, reading, watching television and many other daily activities no longer require cleaning smudges off glasses or removing dry contact lenses that strain the eyes by the end of a long day. Recreational activities such as sports and exercise will no longer require any adjustments due to glasses or contacts. With new sharper vision, you may enhance the quality and performance of your favorite activity without the issues of eyewear. Certain employment opportunities may present themselves as a benefit of LASIK including active positions within the United States military. Various positions, especially in the navy and aviation, require exceptional visual acuity and perfected vision. Another surprising benefit of LASIK is allergy relief and the reduction of allergy symptoms. Approximately 20% of the population suffers from allergic conjunctivitis, eye allergies that cause red, dry inflammation. Contact lenses can trap pollen and other allergens. Some people can be allergic to the contact lenses themselves. This condition is known as giant papillary conjunctivitis. The best long-term solution for those who cannot wear contact lenses is LASIK eye surgery. The benefits of LASIK are numerous, and

you may find there are additional benefits than the ones listed above that are specific just to you. To find out if you are an ideal candidate and to explore the benefits of LASIK, The Eye Clinic Surgicenter offers comprehensive exams and personalized care for all your eye health questions. Call today at 406-252-6608 or visit us online at website.


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