Cataract Surgery Options & Care Credit Offers

Cataract Surgery Options & Care Credit Offers

By EyeClinicAdmin April 24, 2009

Eye Lasik Surgery Clinic CenterFor those considering cataract surgery, we offer several types of lens implants. If you don’t mind wearing glasses, standard single-focus lens implants may work for you. They provide excellent vision at one distance and glasses are usually required to achieve the full range of vision. If you have a strong desire to not wear glasses, we have other options that may work for you, including multifocal lens implants. Several factors are necessary to determine if any of these lenses will be right for you. Our doctors will make every effort to understand what is important to you and recommend a vision solution to meet your individual needs.


Lasik Surgery MontanaIf you are in need of new eyewear, consider some of these frame options Jalapeños, Umbro, Koali, and we are still supporting our breast cancer frames. We carry SUNGLASSES by Ed Hardy, Harley Davidson, Escada, and Columbia. We also carry shooting glasses by Randolph. We are now offering Adidas snow goggles and coming soon Adidas sunglasses. We offer a variety of Premium lenses including: Drive wear, Progressive Lenses, Physio 360, as well as premium non-glare lenses for those seeking improved vision.


For our Contact Lens wearers order a box of lenses and receive a travel kit as our gift with purchase. Remember we have single vision and multi-focal. Custom colors and a variety of brands available.


Lasik Surgery Center MontanaFor those with impaired vision, we have a variety of magnifiers and optical devices that are helpful for reading, watching TV and other daily tasks. Don’t forget you can take advantage of CareCredit’s interest free offer to purchase these devices.



Eye Lasik Surgery CenterCareCredit has extended their exciting offer! If you’ve been putting off improving your vision because of today’s economy, you can use this promotion to pay for your exam, LASIK surgery, other eye surgery, glasses, magnifiers or other devices used by those with impaired vision. You can also take care of your current bill with care credit. If used before 6/30/09, you won’t need a down payment and you have 24 months to pay—interest-free! Call and make your appointment today!


As of 6/30/08, we installed a new computer system designed to help us better serve your needs. As you come in for the first time you will be asked to bring in a picture ID and all insurance cards so we can scan them into your account to keep for future visits. In the transition period, you may receive two statements, one from the old system and one from the new system. If you have any questions regarding your statement(s) please contact our billing department and they’ll be happy to assist you. We are now accepting Care Credit as a payment option for you as well as traditional Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express options.


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