November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month!

By EyeClinicAdmin November 24, 2009

November is here along with the start of the holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! May we take time to remember all the reasons we have to be thankful.

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Lasik Surgery MontanaNovember is Diabetic Eye Disease month. Vision is our passion here at The Eye Clinic—especially preventing vision loss. One of the complications of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. Retinopathy is a disease of the retina that can lead to poor vision and even blindness. Since most of the time, there are no symptoms of retinopathy until it begins to affect your vision, the best way to prevent vision loss is to have a complete eye exam every year. Both Dr. LaGreca and Dr. Erpenbach work closely with primary care physicians to ensure our diabetic patients are monitored carefully. For more information on diabetic retinopathy, symptoms, and treatments, please check our website.

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Eye Lasik Center MontanaWith cooler weather comes drier air in our homes due to our heaters. If you suffer from seasonal allergies or dry eyes, contact our doctors to find out which drops will work best for you. This is more than just a comfort issue. The risk of infection increases when the tear film is deficient. Please tell our doctors if you are experiencing itchy or burning or watering eyes. They will prescribe a treatment program that will not only make you more comfortable, but healthier too.

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Lasik Surgery Center MontanaIf you are considering cataract surgery, please check out the many options now available. One of the options is a lens that can significantly reduce astigmatism. If this has been a concern for you, visit with either Dr. LaGreca or Dr. Erpenbach about all the possibilities available.


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Lasik Eye Surgery MontanaCheck out our new line of glasses and sunwear by Sides Eyewear! Each pair of glasses comes with interchangeable temple inserts so you can change your look in seconds—up to 80 different looks in one pair of glasses! Our Optical department is very competitive and quality oriented. Stop in and check out the many ways we can serve your optical needs.

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The Eye Clinic works together with several drug manufacturers to offer assistance in covering the cost of eye medications. This program is based on income and financial need. If you want more information, please contact the Patient Assistance coordinator Tammy at our Clinic.

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Please note that on some of your statements, you may see a line that reads “PT BALANCES FROM MM”. We recently updated our software and any balance you may have had previous to June 30, 2008 has been moved to the new system. If you have any questions or want any details regarding these balances, please feel free to call our Billing Department. They will be happy to help you.


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