Dry Eye Medication

For some patients who have dry eye symptoms such as watering/tearing, itching, stinging, redness, light sensitivity, etc., the best line of treatment is medications that address the root cause of your condition. At The Eye Clinic Surgicenter, we may recommend a variety of products to treat insufficient tears or eye inflammation. We will prescribe the right dry eye medication in Billings or Red Lodge to provide you relief.

Medications for Insufficient Tears 

When your eyes are unable to produce sufficient tears, you have a condition called Aqueous Dry Eye. This can become a chronic condition which causes great discomfort due to lack of lubrication and protection, making daily activities difficult. 

At The Eye Clinic Surgicenter we offer medications to treat the ongoing symptoms of chronic dry eye. These prescription eye drops help increase your eye’s natural ability to produce tears. It may take up to 6 months for the product to take full effect; however, relief can begin after one month.  

These types of eye drops are different from artificial tears that can be purchased over-the-counter – they simply provide temporary relief. The medications we prescribe are a longer-lasting, more effective solution and can be obtained by prescription only. Insurance coverage varies.

Medications for Eye Inflammation

Some dry eye symptoms are caused by inflammation of your eye surface. We are proud to offer patients prescription eye drops to provide relief. We recommend patients use these drops twice a day in the morning and evening, about 12 hours apart. 

Not everyone with dry eye is a good candidate for medications. Our team will assess your unique eyes to determine the root cause of your condition so proper treatment can be recommended. Contact us today to schedule an eye exam in Billings or Red Lodge, MT. 

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