ICL – Implanted Contact Lens

Many vision correction procedures promise an improved level of vision, but few vision correction alternatives offer the qualify and features found with the Visian ICL– Implanted Contact Lens.

Visian Implanted Contact Lens Features:

  1. Does not induce dry eye syndrome
  2. Sharp, Clear Vision with great depth and dimension
  3. Excellent Night Vision
  4. Great for those with thin corneas
  5. UV protection built into the biocompatible lenses
  6. A typically quick, 15 minute procedure and most people are able to resume daily activities in just a few short days with clearer vision
  7. Treats moderate to high myopia

The implantation procedure for the Visian ICL involves a procedure similar to that of cataract surgery. The main difference is that, unlike cataract surgery, the Visian ICL procedure does not require the removal of the eye’s crystalline lens. And unlike the LASIK or PRK refractive procedures, the Visian ICL procedure also does not involve the removal of sensitive eye tissue.

The Visian ICL can give you the freedom to live a life uninhibited by the day-to-day lifestyle demands of glasses and contacts. Your favorite activities and new adventures are on the horizon in usually a few short days. Find out today if the Visian ICL is right for you. – See more at: http://visianinfo.com/visian-icl-benefits/#sthash.5hbuSQBU.dpuf

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