Uneasy About LASIK Eye Surgery? New Video Page

Uneasy About LASIK Eye Surgery? New Video Page

By EyeClinicAdmin May 19, 2014

At the Eye Clinic, we understand the anxiety associated with surgery. The unknown with it’s various outcomes all takes a toll on your nerves, creating unnecessary stress. And while most optical treatments are now done right in the doctors office with supreme supervision, it’s always refreshing to have a good idea on what’s coming before going into surgery. We’re thrilled to launch our new optical video collection including topics such as LASIK, Corneal Crosslinking, Glaucoma treatments and even Dry Eye Treatment. Now, you can get an inside look on the process before you schedule your appointment at the Eye Clinic for HD vision. Instead of wondering and worrying about what lies ahead in surgery, our patients can now feel confident and stress free before they step inside the doctor’s office.

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